The Stability Ball, also known as Swiss Ball or Fit ball, was actually invented by an Italian toymaker, Aquilino Cosani, in the 1960s. Stability balls were then used in hospitals and clinics throughout Europe. At this time they were called 'Gymnastik balls' but the term 'Swiss balls' was later adopted because Americans first saw them used by Swiss physical therapists in their clinics.

Why use a Stability Ball? A unique property of the stability ball is that no matter what specific area of the body you wish to work, you will always be training your core stabilizers (Back and abdominal muscles). Core stability or core stabilisation refers to the long-term training of the deep postural muscles that support the spine, building a strong platform from which to launch your daily activities (Stronger and trained/activated core muscles can help protect our backs from injury). The most effective method of training the deep stabilisers is to work or train in an unstable environment. The stability ball, being round, wants to roll away, requiring the postural muscles to engage in order to maintain balance. Even when sat upon, the stability ball provides an unstable surface for you to work on